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Welcome -- The apiary currently has one site location which is family owned and operated.  Our bees are located in a central location just south of Shelburne Point where they can enjoy acres of diverse forage.

Introducing a drone board to a spring nucleus colony
We practice Biotechnical Methods which include cycling out and culling drone boards combined with bi-monthly sugar shakes using organic powdered sugar to help maintain a healthy and natural defense against the Varroa Destructor mite issue which has taken our local and national beekeepers by storm. 

This means that our colonies enjoy the benefits of being free of any chemical treatments. We diligently manage our hives to be free from any and all chemical pesticides, miticides, acids, antibiotics or any other medications.  We are a small outfit working to operate at a sustainable level from year to year.  Our focus is on building our apiary's resilience through  generations of queen rearing where only hive's with desirable traits are selected for building new queen cells and re-queening.  We go the extra mile to maintain healthy hives that are not possible in the commercial industry.  We manage knowing that when these practices are combined with continued observation, research, and well timed management we are giving our apiary the absolute best environment for our bees to overcome and prosper with unmatched results through the common adversity they encounter year after year.

The hives we use are slightly modified from the traditional hive setup. Our hive bodies are made of 1" inch western red cedar and finished with tung oil. The thicker hive body (ordinarily 3/4") are stronger and give our bees more insulation than the more common white pine used in other hives while providing further longevity and durability.

Each of our hives sit on a slatted bottom board to provide proper airflow and ventilation year round.  The buffer this provides the bees will help improve our queens laying patterns for ideal resource management while helping the hive's focus be on their colony's health and production helping to alleviate some of the stress from extreme weather patterns and other external factors that come our way.

Patience, Responsibility, Preparedness, Perseverance 

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