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Our apiary's raw honey is bottled without heating or filtering in order to deliver it to our local community in its natural state with all of its vibrant & beneficial properties still intact.

You will be able to enjoy the unique benefits from the hive that most beekeepers and enthusiasts know and love.

 ~Honey the way it was meant to be eaten~

Details:  Our current honey stock is sourced from the spring and early summer nectar flow, which typically shows light coloration and has a modest floral flavor.

We prefer to minimize all external factors from the time we pull our honey super boxes to the time the honey is extracted and bottled and pride ourselves in processing small batches. Our honey is packaged in 22 oz & 5.5 oz glass jars.
We cycle our frames more frequently to allow the bees to build new wax comb when the season permits. This is important to us as each of our honey extractions are spun from fresh honey comb.

Completely raw from treatment free bees, our honey is unfiltered, unheated, & unpasteurized,

Our hives are miticide free

Honey contains: Propolis, Beeswax, Pollen, Natural Enzymes, & Complex Sugars

Glass & Metal packaging (No plastic, BPA & BPS Free)
Crystallization is a natural process that occurs in all honey products, especially raw honey.  Honey that crystallizes is still good: warm to 95° in a double boiler to reliquify.  Crystallizing and reliquifying do not affect the honey's flavor or shelf life.

Eating locally produced honey is known to help alleviate allergies.

Raw honey and pollen are natural energy boosters.

Honey consumed before bedtime ensures an adequate store of liver glycogen for the brain and prevents the release of stress hormones.  It also contributes to the release of the "wellness hormone", melatonin, which inhibits the release of insulin, stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps enhance immunity and rebuild tissue during sleep ~ The Honey Revolution 2009

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